4-phase.jpgYou will benefit from our considerable award winning international experiences in the design and facilitation of our hallmark accelerated programmes.

We simply love what we do.  This transfers to your people.  It’s infectious.  We have 55,000 participants and rising.

You get access to our massive library of training activities. Plus you have the range of people development expertise that modern and aspiring business need.  This means you concentrate on what you do best while we marshal and manage all the people development resources for success.

  1. Preparation: Participants get in the zone for learning
  2. Presentation: Varied activities to encounter the new knowledge or skill
  3. Practice: Integration of the new knowledge and skill in realistic situations
  4. Performance: Application of the new knowledge and skill to real world situations

Source: Accelerated Learning Handbook, Dave Meier.

Your people don’t consume learning they create it.  We do not do “pour and snore” training.  The programmes you benefit from are fun, fast and activity based for adults.  They balance sizzle with substance.  You can have us at your workplace or you can come to the Robertson Training Centre. Too many training or change projects fail because of lack of follow through and support.  You have us as your on-call partners helping you make sure you achieve your intended results.

Your people and managers need challenged and supported to deliver, celebrate their successes and refine their practice.  This is critical in pursuit of your planned for results.

Because of our experiences, qualifications and access to expertise, we can also help you with wider people management processes from recruitment and selection to internal communications, one to one coaching and performance management.

You have the reassurance of our repeat business standing at 90% since 2001. This evidences our assertion that we apply more world best practice than anyone we know.

Your delivery outcome

  • Training objectives met

  • On the job support in place

  • More agile and confident people applying their learning

  • Intended results appearing

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