Everything DiSC®

What is Everything DiSC®

Every business ought to want their people to have strong relationships as a basis for superior performance.  Individuals and teams can now benefit from the hugely popular Everything DiSC® characteristics profiling.  It’s been helping people across the world for decades.


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  • Your DiSC® style is represented as a dot on a circle
  • Each profile focuses on a specific context helping you to improve in that particular area (management, leadership, sales, workplace relationships)
  • We use ‘adaptive testing’ which is an interactive process that tailors questions based on your individual item responses. This results in an even more precise profile report and an even more relevant outcome.


“My colleagues and I used Everything DiSC Workplace profiles as part of our management development programme.  Seven months after the exercise there is a tangible improvement in the team’s performance in terms of collective contribution, shared goals and our ability to deliver those goals.”

Jacqui McLaughlin, CEO




Jacqui McLaughlin, CEO

 With ROBERTSON and Everything DiSC®

  Two of your people at loggerheads!

Now understanding each other and more productive.

  Teams not gelling?

Teams working in harmony and improved business outputs.

  Manager struggling with their team.

Manager now effectively delegating and motivating.


Click here for a sample workplace report.

Everything DiSC® Management Profile

  • Understanding your strengths and challenges as a manager and how to adapt to meet the needs of the people you manage

  • How to direct and delegate in ways that maximise employee engagement and productivity

  • How to increase motivation by creating an environment that meets needs and preferences

  • How to develop others by helping people to identify, manage and build on their strengths

  • How to work more effectively with your own manager.

Click here for a sample management report.


"Really relevant, helped me to identify better how to engage with certain members of my team."

Everything DiSC® Group and Comparison Reports 

A Group Report is 13 pages and identifies your group’s DiSC® culture and explores what that means for your group. It helps you determine and explore the advantages and disadvantages of your group’s DiSC culture, discuss its effect on group members, and examine its influence on decision making and risk taking. This report is created from three or more individual completed Everything DiSC profiles. Works with Workplace, Management, or Sales.

Click here for a sample group culture report.


The Everything DiSC Comparison Report is an additional 11-page free report you can run for pairs of people who have already taken an Everything DiSC profile: Workplace, Sales, Management or Work of Leaders.

Each of the paired people receives his or her own report comparing one to the other person. The report reminds them of their results and provides specific information about how each compare to the other. This comparison is presented both through visuals and through narrative explanations.

Traits compared will include at least six of these pairs:

  • Daring vs. Careful

  • Soft -spoken vs. Forceful

  • Calm vs. Energetic

  • Tactful vs. Frank

  • Sceptical vs. Accepting

  • Accommodating vs. Strong-willed

  • Patient vs. Driven

  • Private vs. Outgoing

  • Lively vs. Reserved

Click here for a sample comparison report.