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Results through DiSC profiling

We are arguably the top Everything DiSC® facilitators in the country.  If you want improved results in your teams through DiSC profiling it’s simple.  Get in touch now.

Client proof:

jacqui.jpg“My colleagues and I used Everything DiSC Workplace profiles as part of our management development programme. Seven months after the exercise there is a tangible improvement in the team’s performance in terms of collective contribution, shared goals and our ability to deliver those goals.”

Jacqui McLaughlin • CEO



susan taylor.png“Our management team got such value from our Everything DiSC® Manager
profiles that its actions remain talking points for us all.”

Susan Taylor
UK Research Manager


Participant proof:

large-quote-marks.png“I wish we had done this when I joined the management team.  I am now able to refer to a guide of how my style is perceived by others and how I can adapt my style to fit their needs.”
Anonymous • Professional service company

“Topic was very insightful and practical which enjoyed. I work daily driving performance and this most definitely will help.  I have taken part in many sessions about psychometric testing DiSC® by far has been the most insightful and practical.”
Jane • Contact Centre

“Great course, learnt a lot and the facilitator was great. I would recommend this course for all as it is very useful in managing others.”
Dan • Charity

“I always knew different staff had different requirements. I now have more information on the differences and how to get the best out of them.”
Colin Pattison • Life science

“Really relevant to our team and myself. Real eye opener!”
Brigid  • HR Manager

“Facilitator is excellent at ensuring the full team are engaged.”
Anonymous • Commercial property

“DiSC® Manager surprised me by how accurate it was in detailing my strengths and weakness.”
Anonymous • Charity

“Excellent course.  Opened my eyes to myself, understanding staff and how to deal with them.”
Stuart • Life science

“Excellent content.  Highly interactive learning environment.  Loads to take away messages to apply immediately.”
Feyza • Salmon producer

“DiSC® Manager surprised me by how accurate it was in detailing my strengths and weakness.”
Anonymous • Charity

“I really enjoyed the training – very interesting. I was amazed at how accurate it was. It’s something I can definitely use.”
Sheila • Care

“Really helpful programme! From theory to practice! Good materials and videos! Well presented!”
Dimitri • Fundraising

“The facilitator was fantastic and really helped the group remain focussed during the course.  Content was very interesting and relevant - will now be profiling all colleagues to DISC.”
Anonymous • Scottish Enterprise

“Inspiring, reassuring and confidence building – always.  And fun!”
Martha • Life science

What is DiSC profiling?

disc_image2.jpgIt’s a characteristics profiling tool founded on research begun in the 1920s.  Every business ought to want their people to have strong relationships as a basis of improved performance.

  • Your DiSC® style is represented as a dot on a circle
  • Each profile focuses on a specific context helping you to improve in that particular area (management, leadership, sales, workplace relationships)
  • We use ‘adaptive testing’ which is an interactive process that tailors questions based on your individual item responses. This results in an even more precise profile report and an even more relevant outcome.


Guaranteed results come from:

  1. 3shots-DiSC-page.png Your people having a common language afterward
  2. The improved conversations that mean better solutions and so improved outcomes
  3. Our interactive workshop that uses DiSC profiling to change behaviour
  4. The Robertson Training tools your people get to help your people apply their DiSC profiling learning straight away
  5.  The support we provide for months afterwards to keep up momentum for DiSC profiling actions
  6. Your results reports proving the difference and return on your investment
  7. And you remembering it is risk free because if your people don’t meet the objectives we will give you twice your money back

Samples for you:

Feel free to download some free sample reports:

>    Workplace (Team members) profile
>    Manager profile
>    Comparison report
>    Group culture report
>   The five behaviours of a cohesive team sample report