Written for everyone who chairs meetings, this easy fable has you learn as you engage in another’s experiences.

Dakkc (Dax), a lowly apprentice in a distant galaxy, is full of optimism as he embarks on his ‘passage project’. It’s high stakes, as his performance will decide the heroic title and cape the Guardians bestow. His project? To chair planning meetings for a first contact between his home world and the Blue Planet in the one star system.

Dakkc yearns to do well and reclaim his family’s honour. Yet most everyone else puts him off. He embarks on his odyssey with optimism, innocence and the dear friendships of Jemst and NDC. Every business person will know that Dakkc may get more than he bargained for.

Lose yourself in the personal logs of his journey as you take in the art, science and practical actions to chair consistently fulfilling meetings.

“Derek Robertson has great imagination, huge knowledge and the utmost professionalism. He has a passion for his work that is to be admired and enjoyed. You’ll find these qualities and more in the pages of this fable.”


Derek Robertson.jpgAbout the author

Derek Robertson, Chartered FCIPD, MCMI, MInstLM, NLP Practitioner and Coach, is an award-winning HR professional and accelerated learning disciple. In his team’s alumni there’s over 70,000 participants of activity-based trainings from over 50 countries. His people development philosophy is crushingly simple: “Engaged people do great things”. This results in his simple, creative and enjoyable principles that underpin his team’s world class training programmes. 



Readers say:

"A great, short, easy read with plenty of info on how to improve your meetings . I liked the reflection pages with questions and space for your own notes after each section. Very novel approach to be written as a space fable - laughed at a few points!" 

E. Smith

"I attend and regularly chair meetings - so the subtitle "A Fable about Effective Meetings" interested me. However, I'm not keen on science fiction, and when I read the blurb on the back cover about Dakkc from a distant galaxy, I cringed, and thought I'd maybe manage a chapter or two before discarding it as too childish. However, I was soon drawn in to Dakkc's carefully constructed world and wanted to see how he would fare with his task. The book is well-written, with characters like Hidden Agenda, Speech Maker, Details and Non-Committed, whom most chairpersons will have come across before; and seeing how Dakkc deals with them forces the reader to consider how he or she deals with them on planet earth. The beauty of this little book is that while you are chuckling along with the story, you are learning useful ideas about how to conduct effective meetings. Highly recommended - I read it all in one sitting."

J. Cross


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