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You should stop reading if...

  • Your meetings start and end on time with a quality agenda
  • Everyone participates so no one drifts off
  • You never think “Why am I here?”
  • You never rehash old decisions
  • You always leave feeling it was worth it
  • You tell others your company’s meetings are consistently good

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Meet your guides The Robertson Training team

Led by Derek Robertson who wrote the 2020 book on effective meetings, the team has over 70,000 engaged participants of their practical programmes that work. They’ll help you set everyone up for success, work through your agenda with simple discussion and decision tools.

They’ve partnered businesses large and small throughout Europe including companies like Charles River laboratories, The Scottish Salmon Company and the European Central Bank. Now they stand ready to help you.

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What our clients says...


“Great programme. I now understand how to create a more engaging and effective meeting. Would recommend it to all.”

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“Very relevant to our day to day job. Lots of useful tips to apply straight away.”

The Scottish Salmon Company

Are your meetings actually a valuable and fulfilling use of precious time, energy and resources?

Without consistently effective meetings you can forget high performing teams.

Most people haven’t been helped to run meetings or be a participant. That leads to wated time, energy and money. Added to that is reduced engagement and harm to your brand – personally and the organisation.

Without knowing what it takes to run consistently and acting on it you will not get the easy cost benefit from consistently effective meetings.

The Robertson Training team use their decades of success to help individuals, teams and organisations improve their results from meetings.

With six straight forward ingredients you’ll learn and be motivated to immediately apply your learning to improve what you do.

The six ingredients of SÜPERB Meetings™ are:

  1. Set everyone up for success
  2. Über starts
  3. Purposeful through the agenda
  4. End as well as you started
  5. Review process and performance
  6. Beware ‘staleness’

Be the antidote to infective meetings and be a hero to your colleagues all the way to the CEO.

Everyone longs for meetings to be fulfilling, productive experiences. Learn about SÜPERB Meetings™ and get the results you deserve.

A Practical and entertaining programme for adults underpinned by scientific rigour

1. Participant experiences

Warm up

  • Arouse your people’s curiosity, begin the learning, focus them on intended success

Facilitated sessions

  • Engaging activities that energise and secure commitment to apply learning straight away
2. Everyone’s supported

Momentum for results at work through support to all: participants, line managers and sponsors.

3. Results reporting

Easy-to-read results reports

Delighted stakeholders

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Get the returns you seek

with a Robertson Training Programme

Risk free

Reassure your colleagues with our unique 200% money back guarantee!

Everyone’s supported

Participants and line managers get the support and resources they need for workplace action

Impress your stakeholders

Be the hero in your boardroom armed with straight forward easy-to-read results reports from us


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