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Everyone ought to get the best from themselves and others

  • Understanding yourself can be tough
  • It’ll concern you seeing people knocking heads needlessly
  • Most need help flexing and adapting to get the most from others
  • Using characteristics profiling shouldn’t need a Harvard degree
  • Leaving to chance results from Everything DiSC® training must be a worry
  • You deserve a trusted training partner to deliver for you

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Meet your guides The Robertson Training team

The team are all qualified coaches with hundreds of Everything DiSC® profiles under their belt across all sectors.  The team has over 70,000 engaged participants of their practical programmes that work.  They’ll help you use the hugely practical and developmental Everything DiSC® to enrich your people’s working lives and performance.  They’ve partnered businesses large and small throughout Europe including companies like Charles River Laboratories, The Scottish Salmon Company and the European Central Bank.  Now they stand ready to help you.

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What our clients says...


“I’ve increased my consciousness, self-awareness and helped me connect the dots across not only DiSC but also other areas like values, judgement etc.  The combination will make me a more effective leader and teammate.”



“I have taken part in many sessions about psychometric testing.  Everything DiSC®, by far, has been the most insightful and practical.”

People's Postcode Lottery

How much better would your results be with a people decoder?

Without helping people understand themselves and others you probably see them bumping heads and opting out a lot.  That risks the benefits that come from people working best together.

It’s a shame most people don’t get simple, accurate profiling to help move away from snap, ‘Good guy: Bad guy’ assessments.  That misses the opportunity to grow your people, generate better solutions, improve engagement and strengthen teams.

Without supporting people with Everything DiSC® as your decoder, you will not get the benefits teams bring verses the individual.

The Robertson Training team use their decades of success to help individuals, teams and organisations improve performance at work.

With straight forward easy to use tools and approaches your people can look forward to understanding themselves and others better.  That gives them more options to get workplace success.

The ingredients of our Everything DiSC® programmes are:

  1. Full understanding of their characteristics
  2. Straight forward ways to read others
  3. Helpers to have constructive conversations
  4. Action planning for real workplace activities like motivating
  5. Access to lots of support resources
  6. Easy to use tools to review success

Help your people to understand themselves and others so that measurable results are a breeze.

Employees want great working relationships but not enough achieve them.  Develop practical actions through Everything DiSC® and get the results you deserve.

A Practical and entertaining programme for adults underpinned by scientific rigour

1. Participant experiences

Warm up

  • Arouse your people’s curiosity, begin the learning, focus them on intended success

Facilitated sessions

  • Engaging activities that energise and secure commitment to apply learning straight away
2. Everyone’s supported

Momentum for results at work through support to all: participants, line managers and sponsors.

3. Results reporting

Easy-to-read results reports

Delighted stakeholders

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Everyone’s supported

Participants and line managers get the support and resources they need for workplace action

Impress your stakeholders

Be the hero in your boardroom armed with straight forward easy-to-read results reports from us


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