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The facilitation team are all qualified coaches with thousands of hours racked up working with clients across all sectors.  The team has over 80,000 engaged participants of their practical programmes that work.  They’ll help you use the latest non-directive coaching to jump start your people’s coaching skills through to more advanced tools and techniques.  They’ve partnered businesses large and small throughout Europe including companies like Charles River Laboratories, sportscotland and the European Central Bank.  Now they stand ready to help you.




Lead Designer

  • In people development since 1990
  • HR Manager
  • L&D Manager
  • Shortlisted HR Professional of the year 2000
  • Business owner: founded Robertson Training 2001
  • Commissions across Europe for CIPD and private clients
  • Passionate about helping engaged people to do great things
  • On journey to phased retirement. . . but we don't trust him!







  • In finance and customer service since 2008
  • In people development since 2014
  • Top performer two years running for a large insurance company
  • Awards for outstanding customer service
  • Passionate about helping engaged people to do great things
  • Looks after Robertson Training's purse strings
  • On journey to be a top Inspirational Leader. . .






Lead Facilitator and Coach

  • In people development since 1998
  • Training business owner (2014-2018)
  • Commissions throughout UK and Europe for public sector and private clients
  • Facilitator and coach
  • L&D Consultant
  • Training and Development Manager
  • Passionate about adding organisational value through developing engaged, skilled and motivated people
  • On journey to Senior Lead Designer at Robertson Training to help with Derek's retirement plan. . .






Morale and Security Manager

  • Providing puppy therapy since October 2015
  • Semi-finalist for cutest dog in a calendar competition
  • On journey to stop barking when the office door is knocked!





If you're wondering where our Secretary is, shes likes to keep a low profile ;)


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