The Resilience Game

The digital discussion game that reduces stress and anxiety!

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icon_yourproblem.png Your Problem:

Workforces throughout the country are ill equipped with the coping skills to manage stress and anxiety.

icon_solutions.png The Solution:

A training tool that can be personalised and speak directly to the challenges your people face.

The Resilience Digital Game
guarantees workplace results

We understand the challenges staff face working in call handling centres, which is why we created a bespoke version of the game to meet the unique challenges and situations staff may face.

The Resilience Digital Game Contact Centre Agents’ edition guarantees workplace results in a highly engaging online training tool that helps teams to improve mental health, wellbeing and reduce stress and anxiety.

Played on a specially designed online platform that can be accessed through any computer; sessions can be facilitated remotely in any location in the world when paired with a video conferencing tool. No software to download; just click and play.

The game brings psychological research to life and guides players through key talking points that encourage reflection and sharing. This means every game is tailored to suit the payers, allowing the different challenges and dilemmas to be explored and discussed, delivering guaranteed results. 

Nearly 18 million sick days are taken
each year in the UK due to stress and anxiety.

Workforces throughout the country are ill equipped with the coping skills to manage.

Research shows us that passive learning tools, often completed by staff and teams alone do not deliver long-term meaningful results.

The solution is to create an engaging and personal learning environment where people can build resilience and learn coping mechanisms that will last a lifetime.

At Robertson Training we understand that call handlers often work alone and have to deal with high volumes of calls discussing a variety of challenges. Understanding how to help staff build resilience is a vital aspect of this role in not only protecting mental health, but in maintaining consistent high quality customer service.

Imagine a world where teams have the resilience skills to
reduce stress and improve mental wellbeing and overall performance.

Training is most effective when it can be personalised
and speak directly to the challenges your people face.

In the past, this was usually only possible through one to one coaching, and while it certainly provides excellent results, it proves difficult to deliver at scale.


The Resilience Game Contact Centre Agents’ edition provides your business with a valuable, highly engaging tool that provides the framework to conduct group training sessions where participants are encouraged to talk from their own perspective, and share how past experiences can be applied in different circumstances.

Since 2017 the Resilience Game has provided the structure to unlock teams’ abilities,
improve wellbeing and ultimately improve personal and business performance. 


Unlock a world where your teams have the resilience to reduce stress and improve their mental wellbeing and overall performance. 
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