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The digital discussion game that builds people's resilience!

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icon_yourproblem.png Your Problem:

Your organisations want to support building resilience in your people, but are challenged by the time away from core duties it takes.

icon_solutions.png The Solution:

A discussion board game that builds people’s resilience, their confidence and leads to firm actions in under 2-hours... The Resilience game.

The fun way to be better in business:
Boost your resilience. 

 Imagine if you could quickly make yourself perform better, reduce stress and improve your mental wellbeing. And imagine if it could be done in less than two hours, by making yourself more resilient. Now you can, with our digital Resilience game. 

It’s simple and easy to get started. Full facilitator’s notes are included. What are you waiting for? Improve how you work, live and play today. 

The game is accessed through your internet browser meaning there is nothing to download and game play can start immediately.

No longer are you restricted to facilitating session in one place. Thanks to its compatibility with video conferencing tools such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and other video conferencing platforms, it's possible to facilitate game play sessions wherever you and your team are located. 

Now you can, with our Resilience game.

The Resilience digital game

The game has been developed following years of rigorous organisational testing and designed with the scientific techniques of best global learning and NLP practices.

The result is a game that’s simple and easy to play.  

  • It gives you valuable practical knowledge and the latest tips you can start using straight away.
  • The game also gives you a greater perspective of others’ resilience, helping you understand your clients, your colleagues and yourself better.
  • You can build your capabilities extremely quickly and effectively, building not just your own confidence, but that of your team. 

The game helps player to build:

  • Resilience tips to use immediately
  • Knowledge of the latest practice from experts
  • Understanding of others’ resilience perspective
  • Confidence from appreciating they’re already resilient
  • New resilience capabilities to apply straight away
  • Their ability to help colleagues
  • An action plan of practical next steps

What our clients thought

What are you waiting for? Improve how you work, live and play today.  

It’s simple and easy to get started. Full facilitator’s notes are included. 


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