Resilience Board Game

A discussion board game that builds peoples resilience!

icon_yourproblem.png Your Problem:

Your organisations want to support building resilience in your people, but are challenged by the time away from core duties it takes.

icon_solutions.png The Solution:

A discussion board game that builds peoples resilience, their confidence and leads to firm actions in under 2-hours... The Resilience game.

icon_whats.png What is it?

The Resilience board game

A fun, fast conversational way to build people’s resilience and so increase performance, reduce stress and improve mental well-being.

Designed with the scientific rigour of best global learning and NLP practice.

Over two years of testing across different shapes and sizes of organisation.

The game helps player to build:

  • Resilience tips to use immediately
  • Knowledge of the latest practice from experts
  • Understanding of others’ resilience perspective
  • Confidence from appreciating they’re already resilient
  • New resilience capabilities to apply straight away
  • Their ability to help colleagues
  • An action plan of practical next steps

All you need and more

  • Simple and easy to play
  • Next day delivery to UK
  • Full facilitator’s notes included
  • Two complete sets in every pack meaning up to 12 can play
  • Unlimited FREE supply of additional action planners
  • Dedicated webpage with additional FREE resources
  • 90-day full refund if not completely satisfied

What our clients thought

But the Resilience game

Game box with two boards and materials for 12 players just £445 plus VAT. Free delivery to the UK. Talk with us today about bulk orders. We can also do single gameboxes for your branches and home workers.

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