Case Studies

Case studies

We’ve delivered our training packages to businesses large and small, not just here in the UK, but across the world as well.

We’ve compiled these case studies to tell you more about the type of training we have delivered over the last few years.

Many of the businesses we have worked with probably faced the same challenges that you may be facing right now. If you identify with the objectives and outcomes from our case studies, then get in touch with us to talk about how we can work together to help you achieve your own success.

People's Postcode Lottery

ppl1.pngPeople’s Postcode Lottery is part of the Novamedia group, the second largest charity donor on the planet. The Edinburgh head office was home to some 34 call agents and customer service team members whose role is to sell tickets and provide top class service support. PPL is growing exponentially, has a youthful, modern culture and is a regular winner of one of the Great Places to Work awards.

Presenting symptoms

The client identified that to meet the stretching (highest ever) sales targets, they needed a focus on developing their call skills and wider customer service capability.
After the consultancy phase we agreed on everyone participating, as the training would continue a focus on a whole company camaraderie, as well as a focus on good practice. This is especially true as PPL is a values driven organisation with ethical sales sacrosanct.

Simple, creative, enjoyable ingredients

We completed a combination of desk research, call listening and speaking with a selection of participants before completing the design. Central to the design was matching the PPL culture including lots of varied activities, fun and unusualness with rewards and prizes throughout the event.
As well as a learning pack full of activities, we created the specially designed programme call process around a mnemonic acronym of the key organisational slogan.
The workshop included lots of varied practice and peer feedback. Genuine learning creation by the participants. Our smorgasbord of job aids included a book of inspirational quotes to help daily motivations.

Results reporting

“I liked the facilitator’s enthusiastic approach, his delivery and techniques used to help me learn“.

Before the training sessions were finished the company had its best sales day and week ever. By the year end it had surpassed its challenging targets.
The Head of HR has gone on record to say that Robertson Training helped them not just meet but exceed their targets. Resulting from this commission we were hired to create, deliver and evaluate a brand new 5-day outbound calling programme for a new PPL venture.


fes.pngFES FM is a top Scottish company, part of the larger FES organisation. A Scottish ‘company of scale’ it boasts long term contracts in sectors from education to financial services.

Presenting symptoms

The client identified a need for development for its janitorial staff and cleaning team leaders, in its schools provision. The team members being supervised were largely TUPE transfers where employee relations can suffer from a combination of staff not fully in tune with the customer satisfaction approach and supervisors lacking in people management training. Initially they expressed the need to us for assertiveness skills.
After the consultancy phase we confirmed that behaving assertively was indeed a requirement and so too was the particular area of having difficult or performance related conversations.

Simple, creative, enjoyable ingredients

Our process began with the 11 participants recieving bespoke advance knowledge learning packs. Next came our workshop brand of activity based workshops to activate their learning and lots of skills practise. To help people apply in the workplace we provided a range of Job Aids including a support guide for the team leader’s manager.
We asked the participants at the workshop how they would know that the training had worked. This proved an effective basis for assessing the programme’s return.
We asked them for evidence of the business benefits in their school or department four months after the workshop.

Results reporting

Participants gave an average 8.8 (out of ten) commitment to applying their learning. Four months after, the participants (not Robertson Training) relayed their examples to show the financial benefits from their action plans. The programme paid for itself after just three weeks!
The client was impressed with the financial returns and also the confidence changes and wider engagement messages around developing their team leaders. Jim Kirkpatrick, the world authority on training evaluation, praised the approach so highly that he wants to feature it in his next book.

Preclinical Research

cr_logo_4.jpgThis organisation is a $1.13B turnover global corporation and we initially helped their business development staff and later the European CRs lead to our being asked to create and facilitate a manager development programme.

Presenting symptoms

The client identified, like many companies, that they had a habit of promoting technical people into management roles and then leaving them to get on with it. To manage effectively in a highly regulated scientific environment with very bright people often with niche expertise requires a balanced skill set of practical and emotional capabilities along with the intellectual and logical.
During the consultancy phase we identified that the programme needed to cover a wide range of modern management knowledge and more importantly skills. The participants needed to have the rationale as well as some step by step guidelines to use in work.

Simple, creative, enjoyable ingredients

We designed the programme to acknowledge the participants’ existing abilities and build on them by stimulating curiosity, thinking and actions. The approach was more facilitation than instruction, and focused on providing a rich and varied set of experiences as close to the workplace as possible.
Our mix included running a fictitious company in a business simulation. The participants could see the results of their decisions on customer satisfaction and profit. Allied to this was a case study specifically written for this client where the participants applied their learning to a real customer situation. Later they presented their proposed solutions to both peers and their company directors.
Having monthly workshops gave more opportunities to act and reflect. Plus we discussed actions at the following workshop thereby integrating the programme and encouraging practice sharing.

Results reporting

“The feedback on this programme, which is focussed on leadership, has been excellent and I would say that Robertson Training has had a very significant impact on the development of management skills in our organisation. We continue to partner with him and value our long-standing relationship in this area.”

- Preclinical President

12 programmes later we are still delivering for this client.