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Derek Robertson , CEO

(Chartered FCIPD, MCMI, MInstLM, NLP Practitioner and Coach) 

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When my colleague Director, Elaine put the case of a Mental Health day, she ticked all the boxes.  She made the case with confidence, gave three strong reasons, explained the value and quoted others who are doing it too. 

The day was for us to take a break from work and recharge.  Different from a holiday, this was Robertson Training saying to the team, “We understand, take the day.”  She called it ‘hippo’ time, conjuring up images of these magnificent creatures wallowing in the mud happy as Larry.  I agreed, but remained sceptical that it would do me any good.  After all, I’m addicted to work.  I love what I do, it’s my hobby and my vocation.


My Diary


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For my hippo time I read some more of ‘Not a life coach’ by James Smith.  It’s an interesting book.  I haven’t had many light bulb moments yet, but for the way he has packaged his content and the conversational writing style.


A phoned a few friends to stay in touch.  Things I’d normally forget unless I put in in my task list!


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I went for a long walk, pictured here is the 1819 Telford Bridge in my village.  An architectural wonder that goes unnoticed by the thousands of cars that cross it each day.

Family stuff

You know.  The usual bills, correspondence and such.

The epic

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My favourite hippo time activity is getting lost in an epic movie.  Today it was Gladiator.  And I’m sure the streamlining service has the director’s cut for I’d swear there were scenes I’d never seen before.


180o turnaround for me.  I’m sold.  Especially if COVID restrictions continue.

I got several benefits from my day.

  • First off, it was tough for me not to do any work.  I mean really tough.  And that was a big message to me in itself
  • I enjoyed myself.  No task lists, no deadlines, no agenda.  It was liberating and proved I need to get off the work merry-go-round more often
  • I felt rejuvenated.  On reflection I was jaded.  My hippo time perked me up.

Mental health

Call it what you will, resilience, well-being, mental health, it’s important to individual and organisational performance.  The more tools and options we have at our disposal the better.

Our mental health day worked for me.

I know you want to support your people.  You know it’s in everyone’s interest to support mental health and build resilience.

Check it out our proven Resilience game as an option. 

Resilience Game Virtual :: Robertson Training

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