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Elaine Robertson

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Last Monday I saw a few friends on social media being granted a Mental health day from their employers.  I thought "Why didn't I think of that?"  Next day I got my evidence together on how it would benefit the team and presented it to Derek our MD. 

A mental health day's object is to not work AT ALL.   To take the day off, have  some "hippo time" and press the rest buton.  Times are tough just now with resilience levels low so this would give us all the opportunity to recharge and come back fresh.  It was also a thank you from the Directors because it's on us, noone needed to use a holiday. 


My Diary


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I read more of my Greenlights book by Matthew McCounaghey.  I'm a movie fan but it's not why it strikes a chord with me.  It's an enlightening and simple way of looking at things in our live's when they don't work out and when they do.... greenlight!


I went for a long walk wround Stirling with my friend Pamela.  We took in the Riverside area and along a dark, dark road through Cambuskenneth.  It was great to talk with her about how she is feeling with covid restrictions personally and at work.  I love our walks as we always learn from one another.

And relax. . .


Last but not least my favourite hippo time, getting lost in a series or movie.  This time it was The Undoing with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant.  The best part was snuggling my best friend (my dog) Belle while watching it.


It works and I'm open to doing it again especially if lockdown continues.

I enjoyed the time for myself and having the balance of fresh air and relaxing on the couch too.

Mental health

Call it what you will, resilience, well-being, mental health, it’s important to individual and organisational performance.  The more tools and options we have at our disposal the better.

Our mental health day worked for me.

I know you want to support your people.  You know it’s in everyone’s interest to support mental health and build resilience.

Check it out our proven Resilience game as an option. 

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