How to get beyond “tick box” training case study

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Derek Robertson , CEO

(Chartered FCIPD, MCMI, MInstLM, NLP Practitioner and Coach) 

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Even your precious training budget spent on mandatory reactive training ought to be meaningful.  You’ll have already read our blog How to get beyond “tick box” training to achieve meaningful results.  Here is a real example of its benefits.


The problem

A client spotted enough grievances with a race element, causing concern.  Their resulting action plan called for managers’ equality and diversity training.  They approached us as a partner to meet this part of the action plan.

You’ll know that poor training - we call it ‘pour and snore’ - descends to deep sleep when it’s mandatory and the participants haven’t volunteered.

They came to us because of our track record with highly participative training.


The solution

As you would expect, the key focus areas for the training included:

  • Protected characteristics
  • Hidden preferences and unconscious bias
  • Behaviours that promote inclusive working relationships

With faith in our simple, creative, enjoyable approach we set about designing programme to meet the client’s presented need.  At the same time we focused on:

  • Engaging the participantsradio image.jpg
  • Making sure they tuned into WII fm (What’s in it for me)
  • Creating a design built for adults with lots of experience (and not a law lesson with penalties for non-compliance)

Our goal was for the client to get meaning and value from their investment beyond just ”tick box”.

And so we delivered the training across multiple sites to tens of managers.  Participants arrived with the expected “I was sent” look and posture.  What happened next was incredible.



Firstly the client’s action plan box was duly ticked.  Job done?  Er, no.


Beyond ‘tick box’


This is a case study because the client got much more value and meaning from their investment.  Here is a snapshot including their commitment and confidence to apply their actions plus would they recommend it to their colleagues.

Not wishing to blow any trumpets, but I’m sure you’d crave results like these from your mission critical training like leadership development, business skills, never mind reactive compliance training like this.


Participant unsolicited comment

"Interesting and engaging workshop. Very interactive, will use the material in practice.  Glad I attended."

Nusrat, Manager


Participants’ agreed workplace actions in their own words

  • Personal behaviours
  • Research more on equality and diversity
  • Concentrate on leading by example
  • Apply appropriate language
  • Call out inappropriate behaviour/language
  • Listen to myself and consider my impact on audience
  • Commit to creating a more inclusive office environment
  • Use this way of thinking in everyday life

Team involvement

  • Plan how to engage with team members
  • Consider all team members’ wellbeing and happiness to improve productivity
  • Look at my team as individuals first and then as a team
  • Share my learning with the team


Participant’s intended results in their own words

  • Fewer HR issues including grievances
  • Increased morale
  • Improved performance
  • Change for the better

And our list could go on.  It shows the contrast between “tick box” and achieving meaningful training.  Meaningful for the participants and the business.


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