Delighting customers


Providing great customer service helps deliver results and gives enormous personal satisfaction to the people who are skilled in it.  Who doesn’t want to improve their reputation?  Our customer service training gives people the skills, knowledge and desire to be consistently awesome at delighting their internal or external customers.


Delighting customers (1-day)

In a sentence

To increase your desire and delivery of consistently high customer service.

What recent participants say

“Very well prepared workshop with positive outcomes in helping to deliver a better service.”
Team leader, Facilities

“Great course allows you to stop and think about how you will respond to certain circumstances.”
Account manager, Financial services

Measurable objectives

By the end of the workshop you will be able to:

  1. Use our seven DELIGHT steps to core customer satisfaction confidently
  2. Correctly state at least three important things about Red Rags, Magic Phrases and Power Words in dealing with customers
  3. State at least four practical actions to stay thinking when dealing with challenging customers
  4. Use the 4Rs successfully to turn around challenging customers
  5. Accurately review your capability to successfully manage difficult people
  6. Commit to an action plan that gets the results you want.


  • Personal goal setting.
  • Explore the DELIGHT steps
  • Words are vital activities.
  • Skills practise
  • Turning around challenging customers
  • Action planning.

To help apply it straight away

  • Your participant activity pack.
  • Your unique ROBERTSON action planner
  • DELIGHT reminder card
  • Prompt card reminder of key points.

Workplace action options

To supercharge and get even quicker results you can add one or more of these options.

  • Fortnightly email to help keep the training in mind.
  • Coaching call from one of our qualified coaches.
  • Follow up session to assess progress and results.

200% guarantee

If you do not meet the training objectives after completing the required activities, we will give you twice your money back.  No question.