Managing consultants


Consultants are not staff.  Obvious maybe but managing consultants is very different from managing a staff member.  This managing consultants workshop gives you all the essentials to get more value for your consultancy pound, and show off your ability to manage the relationship.  If you want to get the best out of your external consults then our workshop is the one for you.


Managing consultants (2-day)

In a sentence

To improve participants confidence and performance in managing consultants.

What recent participants say about us

“It was a worthwhile 2 days. I feel better prepared and more confident about what I have to do.  Having a good, experienced facilitator brought the whole experience to life.”

Specialist, Public sector


“After many years of stumbling through projects with consultants, I’m now equipped with the tools and skills to get it right first time – every time!”

Manager, Public sector

What participants say about us

By the end of the workshop you will be able to:

  1. State at least ten personal actions that help keep external consultancy projects on time and budget.
  2. Use the commissioning strategy process to effectively define the task, need or problem.
  3. Describe accurately three consultancy models.
  4. List at least five relevant criteria for an effective inception meeting.
  5. In a training setting demonstrate the five stage powerful conversations toolkit to effectively performance manage consultants.
  6. Explain at least three actions to reduce or limit variable costs.
  7. In a training case study use the Consultant Initiation document to recruit and set the consultant up for success.
  8. Create a personal bank of at least eight questions to help performance manage consultants.
  9. Name three consultant ‘watch outs’ and how to mitigate them.
  10. Commit to an action plan that gets the results you want.


  • Personal goal setting.
  • Facilitated discussion around approaches to consultancy.
  • Walk through the commissioning strategy process.
  • Governance and deliverables.
  • Significant case study applying learning to the process.
  • Skills practise.
  • Action planning.

To help apply it straight away 

  • Your participant activity pack.
  • Your unique ROBERTSON action planner.
  • Prompt card reminder of key points.

Workplace action points

To supercharge and get even quicker results you can add one or more of these options.

  • Fortnightly email to help keep the training in mind.
  • Coaching call from one of our qualified coaches.
  • Follow up session to assess progress and results.

200% guarantee

If you do not meet the training objectives after completing the required activities, we will give you twice your money back.  No question.