Give yourself and your teams the gift of building their resilience and see your results improve.  It’s a win win.  You don’t need research to tell you that more resilient people do better during change, upheaval and adversity.  This programme increases people’s understanding, knowledge and capability.


Building resilience (1-day)

In a sentence

To improve your understanding of the importance of building resilience, and enhance your ability to support yourself and others through challenges.

What recent participants say

"Great training and great tools to take on board for workplace as well as private life."

Team Leader, Charity

Measurable objectives

  1. Explain at least five important reasons to build resilience and how this benefits individuals, teams and the organisation.
  2. Give a clear definition of resilience, and state three different types of situations where it’s relevant to build this capability.
  3. Be able to explain how humans are wired to react in-the-moment, and at least three ways we can manage ourselves more effectively and stay positive.
  4. Describe at least six personal qualities of resilient people, and the attitudes, skills and knowledge required
  5. State a minimum of three positive and creative ways to address challenges, and how to turn them into opportunities.
  6. State from memory the ingredients of the ASPIRES model, with at least three personal commitments to build resilience.
  7. Appreciate the theory of Drivers and explain how to stay resilient in line with your own dominant themes.
  8. Identify at least three actions to build resilience for a real-life challenge or opportunity.

To help apply it straight away

  • Your participant activity pack.
  • Your unique ROBERTSON action planner.
  • Prompt card reminder of key points.

Workplace action options

To supercharge and get even quicker results you can add one or more of these options.

  • Fortnightly email to help keep the training in mind.
  • Coaching call from one of our qualified coaches.
  • Follow up session to assess progress and results.

200% guarantee

If you do not meet the training objectives after completing the required activities, we will give you twice your money back.  No question.