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You’re meant for what you do best so let the Robertson Training team do the heavy training lifting for you.

You know the risk of training fading back at work so showing the return on investment is a major hassle.  With the Robertson Training team development programme, tailored just for you, we do the heavy lifting supporting everyone, especially the team’s leader so that improved performance comes as naturally as day follows night.  And you get easy-to-read results reports to help you prove it.

Helping teams go from challenged to good, good to great or great to awesome needn’t be risky.  You’d want a hugely experienced and specialist team to help flex and adapt it to get the results you want.  We specialise in Patrick Lencioni’s ‘Five behaviours of a cohesive team’.  That’s just the start.  You know that for it to work, the team’s leader must invest their energy and some time to get the improved results.  With the leader’s eye on that prize and our facilitation expertise we can achieve together.

Grounded in Lencioni’s work, our approach to ‘The five behaviours of a cohesive team’, that’s powered by Everything DiSC®, is to line it up with a perfect ten to what the team needs.  You want professional facilitators who quickly grasp the culture, people’s characteristics and crucially support the leader to action.  Actions that will handsomely deliver a return in your investment through improved results.

Every investment in quality team development raises questions.  Due diligence is only right.  Questions like will it work?  Are these guys any good?  Time off the job’s at a premium and every penny’s precious.  You’ve plenty to reassure you.  There’s our industry unique 200% money back guarantee if we don’t meet the objectives.  (No-ones ever needed it by the way).  You’ll see our decades of success, repeat customers, accreditations, zero complaints.  You can choose ‘The five behaviours of a cohesive team’ your way.  There’s workshops, virtual, on-demand or a blend.  There really is only one thing that decides success.  That the team leader.  As long as the team’s leader is on board your team development programme will deliver.

Making it all happen is as easy as one, two, three.  Schedule call, sign off on your tailored proposal and relax as we do the heavy lifting to get you the results you deserve.





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