Time management


What would you do with three additional days a year?
That’s what being more efficient by just three minutes a day gives you. Our workshop ‘flicks the switch’ so that you can squeeze the most productivity out of your available time. Remember you have the same amount of time as Richard Branson, Mother Theresa and Leonardo Da Vinci. It’s how you use those precious minutes that’s the key. We help you do that.


Time management (1-day)

In a sentence

To increase your productivity by improving your time management capability.

What recent participants say

“Great training!  Energised me to put more techniques in to practice.”

Specialist, Charity


“A brilliant, informative and fun packed day. This will make such a difference to my time management.”

Agent, Contact centre

Measurable objectives

Measurable objectives

By the end of the workshop you will be able to:

  1. Describe at least three penalties of poor time management
  2. Identify a minimum of four of your time stealers
  3. Use at least three different principles of good time management in the workshop
  4. Commit to a minimum of three improvements of your personal organisation
  5. Describe our five elements of how to deal with interruptions
  6. Use the SIN assertiveness model in tricky time management situations such as saying “No” to people.
  7. Appreciate ten elements of great delegation
  8. Work out your personal and business benefit from applying your actions.
  9. Commit to an action plan that gets the results you want.


  • Personal goal setting.
  • GSW time stealers.
  • Objective trees.
  • Dance cards.
  • Seek and destroy.
  • Saying “No”.
  • Action planning.

To help apply it straight away

  • Your participant activity pack.
  • Your unique ROBERTSON action planner
  • Prompt card reminder of key points.

Workplace action options

To supercharge and get even quicker results you can add one or more of these options.

  • Fortnightly email to help keep the training in mind.
  • Coaching call from one of our qualified coaches.
  • Follow up session to assess progress and results.

200% guarantee

If you do not meet the training objectives after completing the required activities, we will give you twice your money back.  No question.