For you and for us reporting on the Results is critical.

It is now time to evidence actual results against the initial consultancy’s plan. You, your board and other stakeholders benefit from four layers of reporting.  It is the hard data proving your return on expectation.

Initial Results Report

Within 10-working days of a training event. Participants’ reactions, intentions, their planned business outcomes, energy for change and capability shifts.

Programme Results Report

Usually 4-6 months after the training.

Each programme’s return on expectation.

Informal Monthly Reporting

Phone call or meeting to discuss progress against plans.

Annual PPP Report

Your annual expression of investment and outcomes, learnings and the agenda for the next year’s activity.

Why wouldn’t you demand to see the return on your expectation from all of your suppliers training or otherwise? 

Results outcome examples

  • Call centre training increased sales within one week.

  • Supervisor training paid for itself within three weeks.

  • Business retention up by 14% after three months.

  • Interpersonal skills training returned £12 for every £1 spent on the training.

  • World evaluation authority Dr Jim Kirkpatrick invited us to submit a return on investment case study for his next book.

Last Year’s Participant Results

  The programme’s information is applicable to my work.


  The programme materials will be helpful to my future success.


  I understand how to apply what I learned to the job.


  I will be able to use what I learned immediately.


  I am confident that I will be able to apply what I learned on the job.


  What I learned in this programme will help me achieve results.


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