SÜPERB Meetings™


What will it be like to be a meeting hero and skyrocket your personal standing in your business? The great news is that everyone wants to have consistently effective meetings. You are therefore pushing against an open door.

Our meetings workshop helps you to be that heroic figure. Team, client, virtual, it doesn’t matter the meeting type, our chairing skills will have you deliver instant impact and improved results.


SÜPERB Meetings™

In a sentence

To improve your capability to manage consistently effective meetings.

What recent participants say

“This training has been absolutely of big use showing what we were doing wrong and has demonstrated the benefits of good practices.”
Business development, International trade

“Very relevant to our day to day job. Lots of useful tips to apply straight away.”
Senior manager, Production

Measurable objectives

By the end of the workshop you will be able to:

  1. Recite correctly from memory the SÜPERB Meetings™ acronym
  2. Produce a quality agenda using the SÜPERB Meetings™ guide
  3. State at least seven preparation activities to help ensure every meeting's success
  4. Chair a successful meeting following the SÜPERB Meetings™ process
  5. Take part in and use at least five meeting facilitation tools
  6. Take part in and use at least three decision making tools
  7. Know how to manage successfully at least six meeting participant unhelpful behaviours
  8. State at least four supports to help make sure you apply your learning at work
  9. Commit to an action plan that gets the results you want.


  • Personal goal setting.
  • Meeting challenges.
  • Apply the agenda preparation guide.
  • The virtual meeting.
  • Maintaining purpose through the agenda.
  • Using tools to facilitate discussion and making decisions.
  • Skills practise.
  • Action planning.

To help apply it straight away

  • Your participant activity pack.
  • Your unique ROBERTSON action planner.
  • Prompt card reminder of key points.

Workplace action options

To supercharge and get even quicker results you can add one or more of these options.

  1. Fortnightly email to help keep the training in mind.
  2. Coaching call from one of our qualified coaches.
  3. Follow up session to assess progress and results.

200% guarantee

If you do not meet the training objectives after completing the required activities, we will give you twice your money back.  No question.