Welcome to the Resilience Game hub, everything you need to get the most out of your digital game.


Welcome to your exclusive Resilience game hub.  Here you'll get lots of support resources and an online community with other organisations.  All your resources are here to help you get the value you deserve from every single gameplay.

You've joined a movement to have every employee on the planet play the game, have some straightforward actions and feel the benefits.

It's great to have you here.

More videos coming soon! 

How to play 

First things first.  Playing the Resilience game is as easy as click and play.  Here is an explainer video to help you.

For players virtual-sessions-2.jpg

Here's the main stuff for your players before gameplay.


After gameplay: How about promoting actions even more with this helper? 

For game hosts


Just like your new TV there's a one page quick start guide for you here.  The full Host guide is here too.



Some game hosts like to have a PowerPoint show to support them.  It's an option if you believe it would help you. 


Helping discussion and your debrief

These advice handouts help you prompt discussion with your players.   Think about them as additional background for you.  You'll see that they are not the 'right answers' because they are discussion cards.


Communications to send to players

You want to have all your players have a good time, commit to some straightforward actions and feel the benefits from building their resilience.

We want that too.  We've made it super easy for you by creating some useful draft communications.  They are for before and after gameplay.  Make them fit your world and they will help you help your players boost their resilience and improve their mental health.