New Client

WH logo.pngRobertson Training is very happy to announce Webhelp as its latest client.  It’s the start of a partnership that will see blended training programmes created for an international audience using an innovative design.


MD Derek Robertson commented, “We always want long and deep relationships with new clients.  Webhelp has a long term business strategy with its people development as a foundation to its success.  They too want a long term partner who understands their strategic intentions, culture and manager training needs.  Applying our simple, creative, enjoyable business principles was central to our success.”


Adam Walker, South Africa based, Head of Leadership and Organisation Development at Webhelp added, “This was a rigorous process involving numerous stages to get to the right partner for us.  The complex brief involved several constraints including a dispersed audience, technology, a focused budget and multiple stakeholders.  Derek and his team provided the targeted solution we sought.  This includes as much focus on application in the workplace as it does the training content.”


The first participants will start their programme in January 2019 with initial results coming through after six to eight weeks